Fundación del Empresariado Chihuahuense, A.C.

Building community

What is Fechac?

Fechac is a vehicle used by more than 34,000 corporations in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico to support their communities. Fechac is a non-profit, non-partisan, independent and autonomous grant-making foundation. Our purpose is to address critical community needs in our three program areas: quality basic education, preventive health and creation of social capital. We strive to improve the quality of life of Chihuahua residents by promoting corporate social responsibility, civic engagement, and strengthening civil society organizations, in the ongoing and demanding task to build and improve our community.

Together, working through Fechac, the business community, government and civil society have implemented more than 4,200 projects investing more than MX$1,900 million to promote the human and social development of the people of Chihuahua.* Info up to 2015


Achieve better opportunities for human and social development for the people of Chihuahua.

2025 Vision

Be the leader institution for sustainable and effective social responsibility.

Commitment to Quality

We are committed to promote the human and social development of the people of Chihuahua by supporting programs in high quality basic education, preventive health, and developing social capital.
We aim to achieve not just sustainable and strong institutions but also the satisfaction of our supporters and beneficiaries, as well as achieving our long term objective of continuous improvement.

LEEDOur building in the city of Chihuahua received LEED Silver certification, a rating system for green buildings developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. This internationally recognized rating system provides verification that a building was designed and constructed in a way that contributes to protecting the environment, a strategic line of the culture of social responsibility.

Our values

Common good

We define the common good as the set of moral, cultural, legal, political, social and economic conditions that allow each member of the community to fully develop and achieve their goals.


Is the natural link which serves as the basis of mutual support and social responsibility. Solidarity leads to the harmonious integration of individuals and society.

Social Justice

A socially just society is based on the principles of equality and solidarity; the socially just society both understands and values human rights, and recognizes the dignity of every human being. In a society made up of unequal circumstances, some deficiencies and needs are remedied by the possibilities of others.


Capacity to share without expecting anything in return. The privilege of providing help to those who need it without further compensation than just the satisfaction of helping.