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School shelters in the Serrana area: together we promote the home of children and adolescents.

Septiembre 2018

"For humans, as for the bird, the world has many places to perch, but only one nests." Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

Through our campaign “ESTAR: Educación en la Sierra Tarahumara”, and hand in hand with the “Comisión Nacional para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas (CDI)”, we put together the will of public institutions, local and national civil organizations, as well as Mexican companies that promote the construction and remodeling of school shelters for indigenous children and adolescents whose homes are immersed in the Sierra Tarahumara.

This project meets the needs of those students who, for the long distances between their homes and the mountain communities, walk up to 5 hours to get to school, through school shelters that provide them with room, food and attention during the week to continue their studies.

Juanito tells us a clear example of the benefits of this project: "I lived 9 years with 3 months In this boarding school. When I arrived, the shelter was not in good condition, we slept both men and women, on the floor, without blankets and I did not have much space, if I was not in this shelter, I would have not continued studying, I thank the teachers who motivated me to study and to continue moving forward, I see this shelter as my home".

Juanito is currently studying his university studies at the Center for Educational Intervention at the UPN.

Let's help more students like Juanito! With your support, we can achieve it!

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